Tired of having to motivate yourself day in, day out? 

Come sprint with our community of goal oriented entrepreneurs to make crazy progress on your most important goal in 2 weeks or less!

Chris Hull - Co-founder, Proof & Conversion.ai

"The entrepreneur's biggest enemy is distraction. During the 14 day sprint, we're going to go heads down and focus on your goals!" 
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The HQ community consists of entrepreneurs building the following companies...
Rachel - Simple Switch
"Having the time sensitive goals and accountability is so important!"
Jevon - False Ego
"You guys were able to help everybody in the way they needed."
Allie - Good Elephant
"We have a new process for finding repeatable, scalable growth without wasting time!"
Bentley - Front Desk MTN
"I really liked the experiment framework. This is a good way to improve or launch a business."
Wendy - Me, We, & Us
"There's learning potential in what everyone is talking about. It's like candy to me!"
Steve - Denver Microbrew
"I think I made huge progress that I wouldn't have made without the group."

What are the benefits of joining the The HQ Growth Sprint? 😎

Make massive progress

towards your most important goals.
Win cash prizes

to reinvest back into your business.
Build new friendships

with other like minded entrepreneurs.

As a BONUS, you'll get mentorship from a Y Combinator grad! 🚀

Our Sprint Mentor will be...

Chris Hull, Co-founder of Proof & Conversion.ai

Chris is a Y Combinator grad & has helped scale one startup from 0-200k MRR & the other to 50k MRR. Chris will be sharing his thoughts on the most important things you can focus on during the early stages of any startup. Chris will be leading our Kickoff Event to explain how we'll all accomplish our goals together! 

How Does It Work? 🤔

1. Join the EHQ Community

2. Bring Your Most Important Goal

3. Commit To Sprinting Hard For 2 Weeks

4. Present Your Progress At Reflection Day

5. Have A Chance To Win Prizes (listed below)

What's Up For Grabs? 🎉

We're investing over $2500 worth of prizes into early stage entrepreneurship for the winners of the sprint challenge!

1st Place

-$600 cash to reinvest in your business
-Annual EHQ membership ($588 value)
-Annual coffee delivery from The Perk ($228 value)

2nd Place

-$300 cash to reinvest in your business
-6 month EHQ membership ($294 value)
-6 month coffee delivery from The Perk ($114 value)

3rd Place

-$200 cash to reinvest in your business 2324
-3 month EHQ membership ($147 value)
-3 month coffee delivery from The Perk ($57 value)

What's The Schedule? 📆

Sprint Kickoff Event

Sprint Start Date: Monday, March 15th, @ 9am MST

We'll explain the details of how the sprint works in the Kickoff Event.

Chris Hull will also be giving a Kickoff Intro to get us ready to rock and roll!

Daily Wins

All communication will be done via Slack. You'll be required to post a screenshot of your daily progress by filling out a simple Daily Win Template in the Slack channel in order to qualify for the prizes at the end of the Sprint.

Sprint Reflection Event

Sprint End Date: Friday, March 26th, @ 4pm MST

We'll host a reflection happy hour event at the end of the two week sprint period to reflect on progress & celebrate our wins together! 🎉

Pricing Tier 👇

Members 1-10 (filled)
$29 / mo.
Members 11 - 30 (15 left)
$39 / mo.
Members 31+
$49 / mo.

And yes, you can cancel anytime with no questions asked 😎

"As a former collegiate athlete, this community has been a game changer for me. I've met my new co-founders, made new friends, and found my new version of "team" in a professional setting.

Jonah Saya
Founder, Knock
Exited, Watch Outfitters & FraudScanner

"This community gives me the structure I need to put my head down and actually DO my work rather than just talking about it with others."

Founder, CK Collective
"The real value comes from the social accountability of being around other entrepreneurs who are working towards similar goals."
Keevin O'Rourke
Founder, Brainstorms.io

So What Are You Waiting For!?

It's time to make a commitment to yourself. Finally commit to that big project you've been procrastinating.

We promise it will be the best $39 you've ever spent on your business.

If you complete the sprint, and don't feel like it's the best $39 you've ever invested, we'll give you your money back.


No questions asked.
Claim Your March 15th Sprint Slot By Joining The HQ Community
⚡️ Only 15 slots left before the price increases...